Feng Shui

Wind & Water

Feng Shui means “Wind and Water”.  Less is better.  The outer reflects the inner. 

Feng Shui is based on the I Ching, or Book of Changes. Working with these principals will bring about positive changes in your life! Are you ready?

Learning never ceases! I began working with Feng Shui principles back in the late 80’s. Life changes lead me back to these principles, and seeking to acquire more information. Everyday life can lead us into feeling stuck, stagnant, unproductive and unhappy. These feelings are telling us to take a look at our sacred and personal spaces. This may be the time to start clearing out, rearranging and getting the energy moving freely around us again. We have  keen instincts about our spaces, but these senses may also be experiencing blocks. Use meditation and visualization in your spaces that need attention.

Profound changes will occur in your life by using Feng Shui in and around your home, and in your work spaces. Welcome these transformations. Learn more about Feng Shui here and at any of our holistic lifestyles events!  Namaste! Blessed be!


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